About Me

My name is Victoria Moir HPD DSFH AfSFH (Reg) CNCH (Reg)

I’m a qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist offering both face to face and online therapy.

I chose to train with The Clifton Practice as CPHT is recognised as the most ‘up to date’ course, that takes a great deal of notice of research and neuroscience in combination with the very best of Solution Focused techniques, Brain based Therapy, CBT and NLP along with common sense and experience.

To start you off I offer a 30 minute initial consultation via a face to face meeting, a Skype call or phone call which ever you prefer. This will enable us to establish what you want to achieve from therapy and to discuss how we could work together to achieve your goal.

In our sessions I will make you work hard, however my clients often feedback that they leave our sessions feeling empowered and positive.

My story so far

During my time studying Philosophy at The University of Manchester, I really learned how influential our thoughts can be.

After Graduating, my love for motivating and inspiring different types of people led me initially to a career in recruitment. Following this I worked my way up in Account Management working at a number of Globally recognised brands.

Working with so many different types of people at all levels over the years I really noticed how people who were motivated, achieving their goals, and describing themselves as fulfilled were often in a good place mentally. On the flip side I also witnessed how if people are not feeling mentally strong it can really affect their whole life and sense of self.

This fuelled my passion for empowering and motivating people and I spent all my spare time studying to qualify as a Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist with The Clifton Practice.

After continuing to get great results I decided to open my own practice – getYOUback. We are now recognised nationally and continue to get fantastic results.

We operate both from Kelsall High Street in Tarporley and DD Clinical in Chester city centre offering either face to face or online services.


Fully registered member of AfSFH

Fully registered practitioner with CNHC

Fully Qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with HPD & DSFH qualifications 

2.1 Philosophy degree with Honours – The University of Manchester

Fully insured with Holistic Therapy

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) approved and up to date

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